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House_Pants [userpic]

How to save a life.

March 8th, 2009 (03:34 pm)

"How to save a life."

A House M.D. Fan fiction.

Chapter one: Yellow Eyes.

The alarm clock began to beep, causing the man to awake from his fitful sleep. Only slightly coherent, his hand reached out blindly attempting to hit the snooze button. After doing so, he searched for the orange bottle which kept him running through out the day. After finally getting it in his grasp, he popped the lid off of the bottle and poured two white pills into the palm of his hand. He then dropped them into his mouth and swallowed them dry.

His leg ached horribly, just as it did every other day of the week, however his leg was not the only thing bothering him. His head ached as well, and he couldn't help but shiver continually. The sheet he'd covered himself in the night before was twisted around his legs uncomfortably, and was soaked from sweat.

It took all of his strength to push himself into sitting position. God, he felt sick. After sitting up right, he slowly rotated his body to the side of the bed, his leg stretched out fully. He kept still, and awaited anxiously for the white pills to take affect and put an end to the pain in his thigh and head. Once the mind numbing pain became dull, he stood slowly making absolute sure he kept most of his weight on his left leg. He then made his way towards the restroom.

The diagnostician stood in front of the counter top and gaped into the mirror, his face distorted from disgust. He kept still due to the irrational belief that if looked into the mirror long enough, the color in his eyes would simply disappear. After all, he reasoned, he could simply be seeing things. Although this struck fear through out his entire body, it hadn't come as much of a shock. He'd been expecting this. He checked every morning. He knew the risks that came with taking that little white pill. He knew this would happen eventually. It was worth it, though. That evil little white pill kept the pain bearable.

He continued to gaze into that mirror, his reflection gazed right back. Everywhere his eyes moved, the eyes in the mirror followed.

The god damned yellow colored eyes.

Jaundice. His liver was failing. And it was all thanks to those little white pills.